About Savingnil.com

What is Savingnil.com?

Savingnil.com is a website created to reach the financing of the gene therapy which Nil has to get. Nil is a 19 months old baby and diagnosed with SMA Type 2. The gene theraphy ise approved by FDA for only babies under 2 years of age. The income gained from the sales on this site will be used for Nil’s treatment.

The name of the web site is originated from the donation campaign that has been initiated through “Gofundme” crowd funding site in America. Those who would like to support Nil, can both shop via this web site and donate through the link given on the main page under “Our Gofundme Page”. 

Savingnil.com consists of artworks of esteemed painters, photographers, digital designers besides those who are engaged with art apart from their main profession. Artworks exhibited in this web site are all dedicated to Nil. 

Artworks have been launched in different categories:

Those exhibited in Nil Güleç Special Artworks”, are seperated into 2 types regarding the ones that originals and the ones which will be delivered printed. 

  • The ones that are appropriate for printing: Those artworks will be printed by using archival pigment printing technique with a standart of 40*60 cm size in general with the support of “Lamarts Fine Art Printing” and then delivered to your addresse. You will find the detailed information about the sizes of the each art work in the section where the artworks is exhibited. This site has been created to finance Nil’s treatment. For that reason all artworks will be printed according to one standart printing size. Thank you for your understanding.
  • The original artworks: Those artworks are being preserved by the owners of them. Those artworks will be provided from the owners and then shipped by cargo to your addresse.

Online Art Gallery is being exhibited at certain times. New artworks coming from different esteemed artists periodically are added to this section to be exhibited at different time intervals. With the aim of reflecting the authenticity of the artworks, those artworks are printed by the fineart printing method and with different sizes which differ from the standard sizes specified on our web.

These artworks are also displayed in the "Online Art Gallery" section on the main page to give art lovers a sense of exhibition experience. Chrome, Edge and Safari infrastructures provide the best view of the online art gallery. When it is viewed via mobile, the “Exhibbit” application should be downloaded.

The artworks exhibited in “Baby Nil Collection” consists of 4 different themes. Those themes represent the most beloved subjects by Nil. Those artworks are only available for online sales. 

Besides these, anyone who would like to support Nil can dedicate their artwork to her. You can share your artworks through the “Contact us” section via e-mail. Those artworks will be exhibited in “Baby Nil Collection” and be available for online sales.

Baby Nil Postcards”, are created by the designer of the web page, Cem Erman. You will also find a picture drawn by Nil, which has been converted to a digital postcard and is offered for sale.

Regarding the online sales, after the payment procedure, the high resolution versions will be sent to your e-mail. You can also support raising awareness about the treatment and campaign of Nil by downloading this postcard and sharing it via your social media accounts with #Savingnil hashtag.

We, as Nil’s family, thank you all for your support.

Best regards...