Our Story

Nil is 19 months old and unfortunately has been diagnosed with type 2 SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy). This progressive disease is the number one cause of genetic deaths in babies. Nil is currently receiving a treatment, however she has another chance to change the course of the disease. GENE THERAPY! This treatment designed to cure the disease from the root, can save Nil’s life. The cost of the treatment is $2.1m and together with hospital fees sums up to $2.4m. It can only be applied to babies under the age of 2 and we have very very limited time…

Today Nil cannot stand up on her own, cannot walk. We wish for Nil to get up, run around with her friends, be an independent individual, live a long and healthy life.

Our path is unfortunately a very hard and complicated one…however as her family we want to leave all of this as a sweet memory for her. We wish for her, our first and only child and love, to be the leading character of her story with a happy ending. 

Within the current situation of the world today, we have been brainstorming about what we can do to make our journey easier. With the support of thousands who have faith in Nil, we believed that we can turn our difficult experience into a success story. During our donation campaign we have met with lovely people. Nil has gifts from people she has never met. Some people found out their own way to finance the treatment. With the courage of this support, we asked this question to ourselves. “What if we can really succeed?” The answer to that question directed us to this webpage. 


We started to get in touch with esteemed artist, photographers, painters. We wished those people to dedicate some of their art works to Nil. And we wanted to sell those art works through this web site to finance Nil’s gene theraphy. We created a platform for art lovers to keep the art works they bought both digital and printed on demand. 


We wanted to change Nil’s journey into a goodness, and leave her these difficult days as a meaningful effort. We named our web site with the one we use for her donation campaign. This web site is a hope for our family. 


We hope that we will reach everyone and grow a healthy future for our precious Nil.