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We will achieve this together!

This website has been created to bring hope to Nil’s world. Most importantly it has been created with synergies that bring together the invaluable pieces of art related to boosting Nil spiritually, raising her energy and inspiring her. You can tour this site filled with art gifted to Nil. Additionally, you can support her with something as tiny as a digital postcard. Thank you in advance to those special hearts out there who want to be with Nil, hold her hand and walk with her through this journey.


Endless thanks to our dear friends, elders, and esteemed artists who hear our voice and support us with their kind wishes...

Saving Nil

Through this journey, as her family, we are constantly trying to stay positive and instead of dwelling over the pessimistic situation, we are focused and determined to find solutions and have promised to do our very best. As deep as our emotions are, our hope is equally abiding. To this angle, we have decided to focus on things which will help Nil and our family, raise our morale and motivation. We believe that all inspirational things will bring goodness and beauty, and this is why we chose to move in this path. By leaning on the uniting power of our precious Nil and the courage received from those that have supported us, we hope to crown on our efforts and story with huge successes. We believe that inspirational art combined with our hearts and soul will provide us with the motivation and support we need through this medical journey. We want to change this situation into goodness, and provide Nil with all the fortune and possibilities she deserves. This is how we decided to create a website where we present the art gifted to Nil by many treasured esteemed artists. We wish for these items to be a souvenir to their new owners as a symbol of Nil’s journey. We started this journey with our SavingNil aid campaign and want to extend this to another dimension by bringing together those who want to support our cause via art. We hope we can touch all hearts and together provide Nil with a beautiful future.